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Prepared projects are examined by our technical team and the outline of the project is determined and checked before the implementation.



After the completed projects have been taken from the Project Department, our team starts processing with our technical staff.



Our technical staff gives technical support and information about the system to our customers after the final check of the completed application.

In order to provide the best service to the needs and expectations of our customers, we deliver the work completely with minimum cost and modern solutions at the promised time without compromising the quality.

Company BRAV-TR was established in 2001. The basic mission of company Brav-TR is to fulfill the requirements of customer, ensuring quality of highest level.

The sphere of activity of Brav-TR involves following scope of works: design and construction of administrative centers, trade centers, living and hotel complexes, buildings and constructions of industrial feature, buildings of modular steel type designs and also designing and installation of internal and external engineering systems.

Company Brav-TR carries out the moderate financial policy and offers optimum ratio price-quality for the Customer. Applying high technologies, company ensures quality of design, manufacturing and installation of materials and equipment and also provides effective and long term operation of equipment and systems.

At the present time, company Brav-TR continues successfully to fulfill assigned responsibilities in sphere of construction, progressively expanding area of activity within.

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